1Inch Disk Filter


1Inc Y-Type Disk Filter

In-Line Prefiltration

Maximum Flow Rate: 6000 Liters Per Hour.

Maximum Operating Pressure: 8 Bar.

Filter Surface Area: 180cm².

Filter Rating: 120 Mesh / 130 Microns.

Basic Features Included:

  • Engineered Polypropylene Filter Housing
    • 1Inch BSP Male Connection Ports.
    • 1/4Inch BSP Male Pressure Gauge Connections (Excluding Pressure Gauges)
    • 3/4Inch BSP Drain Valve Connection (Excluding Drain Valve)
    • Modular 130 Microns Disk Filter with 180cm² Filter Surface Area.
* Shipped in 2 to 3 working days.

1Inch Disk Filter
1Inch Disk Filter
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