UltraZap 15watt Professional UV Sterilizer


UltraZap 15watt Professional UV Sterilizer

What’s In The Box:

  • Complete and Assembled UltraZap 15watt Professional UV Sterilizer
      • 1 x High Quality PVC Housing
      • 1 x Quartz Sleeve
      • 1 x 15watt Bulb
      • 1 x 15watt Ballast
      • 2 x O-rings for Quartz Sleeve
  • Aquarium Capacity: 300 Liters
    • Flow Rate: 2 – 4 Times Per Hour
  • Pond Capacity: 15 000 Liters
    • Flow Rate: 3 600 Liter Per Hour / 60 Liter Per Minute.
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 3 Bar
  • Inlet/Outlet: 50mm Union – Glue
  • 80mm Diameter / 470mm Length.

Compatible Replacement UV Bulb:

* The stocking rate of your pond should be taken into account when making your decision which UV Sterilizer to purchase. A bank of UV’s either in series or parallel can be installed on larger ponds.

* Due to the sensitive nature of electrical products, consumables such as bulbs, transformers and ballasts do not carry a warranty. it is recommended that you install a surge protector to avoid premature failure of these items. All UV Bulbs and Ballast are thoroughly tested prior to dispatching.

* Shipped in 2 to 3 working days.

UltraZap 15watt UV Sterilizer
UltraZap 15watt Professional UV Sterilizer
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